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Alp Mortal
Alp Mortal (author)
Vosges, France
Gender: Male


About Me

I'm English by birth, from the Isle of Wight, now living in France, in the stunningly beautiful department of Haute-Saône in the Franche Comté region. It is heavily forested and very tranquil but the winters are pretty harsh and my home is 820 metres above sea level so I get plenty of snow.

I was 49 years old in 2014. I only started writing in 2009, proving, I suppose, that it is never too late. I didn't think about self-publishing until late 2012, now, nearly two years later, I'm even more energized by the process than ever before.

I'm a qualified English teacher, specializing in teaching English as a second language (TEFL), though I don't do much of that now. In the distant past, I taught software skills. In the very distant past, I was a project manager on big IT projects and at the very beginning of my career, I was an Internal Auditor. I have degrees in "Internal Auditing", "Computer Auditing" and "Project Management". I'm studying for my degree in Sustainable Development at the moment. Renewable energy is what really interests me and I generate my own power at home via a solar panel.

I'm a member of The Society of Authors, The Society for Editors and Proofreaders, and The Independent Author Network.

I grow some of my own food, and from Easter to the end of October, I'm outside for the largest part of the day, tending the garden. I write in the evening and during the winter when there is very little else to do. I have no great philosophy except "energy follows intention" and "honour your gifts". These two principles keep me sane, very happy and exceedingly busy!

I am always very happy to receive your feedback. If you wish to contact me directly, please email me at:

Visit the website,, for updates on the next gay romantic story or crime thriller which I am working on.


Gardening, weaving, sustainable energy development, history and of course, literature. I am a huge fan of the "gay short" film.

Alp Mortal, Chambers Mars and Shannon M. Kirkland are The Carter Seagrove Project LLC - an independent book publisher. Find us at on Twitter @carterseagrove and on Facebook

Authored Books

A Baby for Felicity
by Alp Mortal

Felicity and Iain have been married for ten years and have been unsuccessfully trying to have a baby. Enjoying a night out on the town, they meet Lance, a bisexual financially independent man, who changes their lives irrevocably. Iain falls in love with Lance and Lance falls...

>> Read More

A Dog's Life
by Alp Mortal

Orion is an escort at the pinnacle of his career. He meets Stephen who is also an escort during a weekend in Nice. Both are accompanying clients who have serious business and pleasure on their minds. What should have been a pleasant weekend involving some shopping, undemanding...

>> Read More

A Liberty Treasury Trio of gay Romances
by Alp Mortal

A collection of three stories; love when you expect it the least, but are you ever really prepared for it? The stories of the love affairs between; Adam and Robert, uncomplicated love on the farm, Kenny and Jean, love as wild as the horses of the Camargue and Archie and...

>> Read More

A Life Lived
by Alp Mortal

What happens when you reach that point in life when the same routines aren't fulfilling anymore and you are looking for a change and a bit of excitement? Charlie heads to France to explore a new life for himself. New loves and ex-boyfriends provide a bit of hilarity whilst...

>> Read More

A Lifelong Love
by Alp Mortal

Alfie is thirty-five, obsessive, puritanical, compulsive and in dire need of love; he has spent ten years restoring his house and his Triumph sports car; his "loves". 'Pol is twenty-eight, a road worker, a virgin and obsessed with the 1968 Lamborghini Miura.


>> Read More

Acolyte to Priestess - The Twelve Crimes of Hannah Smith Series
by Alp Mortal

The Twelve Crimes of Hannah Smith is a series of crime stories, following the stellar fortunes of art thief Hannah Smith.

Acolyte to Priestess contains the first six of Hannah's twelve crimes, each charting the on-the-rise career of arch thief Hannah Smith....

>> Read More

by Alp Mortal

Each year the M/M Romance Group on Goodreads sponsors a writing event. This is my submission for the 2015 Love is an Open Road event.

I am always very happy to receive your feedback. If you wish to contact me directly, please email me at:>> Read More

All or Nothing
by Alp Mortal

Sam is gay, lonely and depressed and lives next door to closed-book Steve, a practical, god-like motorcycle mechanic. Sam harbours a dream of a happy ever after which is so far from reality it is painful. Things take a decided turn for the worst when Steve announces that...

>> Read More

All The World
by Alp Mortal

'All The World' is unedited and unchanged from the previously published six individual stories.

The decision to create a single volume was taken simply to make it easier for readers to enjoy the saga.

'All The World' - The story of Dane Danois.>> Read More

Archie and Tom
by Alp Mortal

After years of tolerating his wife's lies and deceit, Tom finally gives Jess her marching orders. The event coincides with a weekend visit from Archie, Tom's lifelong, gay friend. The weekend takes on a very different complexion as Tom begins to face up to the truth of his...

>> Read More

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