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Sigrid Katrinsdatter
Sigrid Katrinsdatter (author)
New Mexico
Gender: Female


About Me

Sigrid Katrinsdatter is a pseudonym for the author. Happily married for 20 years, with two beautiful daughters, the woman behind "Sigrid" herself possesses an alpha personality, is a trial lawyer specializing in criminal defense, and enjoys cats and dogs. She struggles with her attraction to and discomfort with themes of DD in other authors' works, as someone who believes strongly in female equality and full female agency. Readers will note "The Discipline for a Lasting Marriage Series" shows DD appeals to her on the level of a fantasy, when involving a clearly devoted and loving alpha male. Lydia and Charlie feature in a romantic, erotic series of 15 novellas .....
Any folks who've bought Kindle versions of my books, I'm informing you that each one has undergone substantial revisions: correcting grammatical and spelling errors, deleting, adding, and/or substantially revising, paragraphs; as well as making a few plot revisions. Kindle Direct Publishing will NOT inform buyers of the availability of these updated editions out of concern people will lose their bookmarks, etc. Therefore, I am doing so, at the suggestion of an Amazon representative, telling buyers they can use the call or chat feature to have an Amazon representative assist you in being provided the most-recent edition of any Kindle book which you bought from this series.

Authored Books

A Careless Accident: Lydia Earns Another Spanking from Charlie (2 comment)
by Sigrid Katrinsdatter

Young marrieds Lydia and Charlie buy the first car either has ever owned. Lydia manages to have a minor accident parallel parking, but then reveals to Charlie she also got a speeding ticket the same day. Furious over her reckless behavior, Charlie cautions her that anymore...

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A Painful Fire: Charlie Mistakenly Tries to Give Lydia a Spanking She Thinks Unfair
by Sigrid Katrinsdatter

Young married couple Charlie and Lydia contend with a series of hair-raising incidents in which Lydia falls asleep smoking, endangering herself and numerous other people in their flat. The second time it happens Charlie feels forced to give her a spanking, believing he's...

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A Spanking for Lydia (2 comment)
by Sigrid Katrinsdatter

The erotic story of a young actress and her actor husband, and her first loving, disciplinary, over-the-knee spanking at his very firm hand. ...Lydia makes the mistake of walking home alone past midnight through Hell's Kitchen after a theater performance, and arrives home...

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Baby Makes Three: Charlie and Lydia Face the Challenges of Pregnancy in a "Spanking Marriage"
by Sigrid Katrinsdatter

Charlie and Lydia move to a nicely-appointed apartment suite in Lake View, Chicago now that Charlie's career seems well-launched. Then Lydia learns she's expecting their first child. The two are ecstatic. Yet, in addition to all the adjustments any young couple must make...

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Lydia's Maintenance: Charlie and Lydia Struggle to Find Balance in a "Spanking Marriage"
by Sigrid Katrinsdatter

Charlie and Lydia continue to face long separations due to Charlie's blossoming career. To help Lydia make better choices, and stay focused on why doing so is important even in Charlie's absence, the two add "just-because" [later to be known as maintenance] spankings to...

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More Spankings at Dr. Lowry's Office: Lydia's Misbehavior Complicates a Trip to the Apple Farm
by Sigrid Katrinsdatter

During a visit to Lydia's sister's and brother-in-law's apple farm in Upstate New York, the two women get into a good deal of trouble. While the men run errands in town, the women go beyond harvesting apples with the children, instead removing rotten tree branches they'd...

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Nosy Neighbors: Privacy and Trust Become Issues in Lydia's and Charlie's "Spanking Marriage"
by Sigrid Katrinsdatter

Charlie and Lydia contend with one of their neighbors learning about the fact Lydia allows Charlie to spank her. The damage to their sense of privacy is enormous, especially as Lydia continues to cope with how she feels about Charlie having forcibly spanked her a few months...

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Old Lessons Learned Anew: Lydia and Charlie Manage the Challenge of Long Absences in a
by Sigrid Katrinsdatter

Having gotten noticed in a play by some TV executives, Charlie suddenly finds himself away from home for long absences. This proves incredibly difficult for Lydia, who not only misses him terribly, but finds it increasingly difficult not to lapse into unsafe, past behaviors...

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The Mirrors of the Soul: Lydia Neglects Her Health, Causing Charlie to Attend to Her Backside
by Sigrid Katrinsdatter

Charlie and Lydia, fresh from negotiating their spanking contract, face a new challenge when Lydia becomes ill but tries saving money by not seeing the doctor, then not following through with the medicines and advice given her when Charlie finds out and insists she see the...

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The Perilous Journey: Lydia's Travels Cause Considerable Discomfort
by Sigrid Katrinsdatter

After the death of a beloved Aunt, Lydia must take a road trip to Chicago alone, and runs into dangerous trouble on the way when no one will rent her a room as a single female, traveling alone. Her choice as to how to handle the situation backfires terribly with Charlie,...

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If he can't have the bone-deep Dom-sub connection he wants with one will.

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