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Old Lessons Learned Anew: Lydia and Charlie Manage the Challenge of Long Absences in a
Author: Sigrid Katrinsdatter
Publisher: Amazon

Release Date: July 2017

Book 7 of The Discipline for a Lasting Marriage
Book Genre: BDSM, Erotic Romance

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Old Lessons Learned Anew: Lydia and Charlie Manage the Challenge of Long Absences in a

Having gotten noticed in a play by some TV executives, Charlie suddenly finds himself away from home for long absences. This proves incredibly difficult for Lydia, who not only misses him terribly, but finds it increasingly difficult not to lapse into unsafe, past behaviors without Charlie's protective, disciplinary presence. Right before Thanksgiving, she ends up repeating one old mistake that earned her the very first punishment spanking she received at Charlie's firm hand. She withholds the information from Charlie until a holiday party, where she must come clean or be "outed" by one of the people who made life so difficult during Charlie's last absence. The two end up not just arguing, but trying to work through the just and appropriate way to punish serious lapses in judgment over safety where Lydia's not merely been warned but actually punished before. As well as how to find a long-term solution to the problems Lydia is having staying mindful of her safety with Charlie's long absences. Their spanking contract ends up with several new additions, and despite Charlie's devotion and love, Lydia ends up with a stinging behind again at Charlie's hand. NOTE: This book contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity, domestic discipline, the spanking of an adult woman, anal sex and anal discipline. If such scenes offend you or trigger you, please do not purchase this book. In addition, the series is also about two young, devoted married people growing and maturing together over the course of multiple story lines; they are flawed, loving, devoted human beings, and therefore make mistakes they try to correct. If you are looking for perfect people, look elsewhere. Finally, please note: Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is unintended and coincidental.

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