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The Spanking Retreat: Charlie Insists Upon a Weekend of Multiple Spankings to Correct Lydia's Recent Habitual Misbehavior
Author: Sigrid Katrinsdatter
Publisher: Amazon

Release Date: September 2017

Book 16 of The Discipline for a Lasting Marriage Series
Book Genre: BDSM, Chick-lit, Erotic Romance

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The Spanking Retreat: Charlie Insists Upon a Weekend of Multiple Spankings to Correct Lydia's Recent Habitual Misbehavior

Upon Charlie's and Lydia's return from Waikiki, Charlie needs to leave town again briefly to take his mother to the doctor in Chicago. In his absence, Lydia signs up for skydiving classes despite such activity being forbidden under their spanking contract. Then, during a welcome-home party for Charlie, Lydia goes swimming while intoxicated, a huge issue after what happened in Waikiki. Rather than admitting she did something foolish in both instances, Lydia behaves defiantly with Charlie. He finally confronts her about what he sees as a yearlong deterioration in showing good judgment, not doing dangerous things, and exercising self-discipline. His suggestion for dealing with the recent, habitual misbehavior is a 48-hr. "spanking retreat," during which Lydia must consent at his discretion to numerous daily "just-because" spankings to correct her misbehavior and get her back to acting in a much less foolhardy way. Knowing she's behaved in an increasingly reckless, dangerous and defiant way over the past year, and admitting she doesn't know why she's suddenly rebelling against a kind of marriage she still wants (a "spanking marriage"), Lydia agrees to take a 48-hr. "spanking retreat" at their Michigan cabin. Even though it will mean submitting to the equivalent of a "just because" weekend, where Charlie can and will spank her at his discretion to give her a long-lasting attitude adjustment. NOTE: This book contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity, domestic discipline, the spanking(s) of an adult woman, anal sex and anal discipline.

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