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Complete Me
Author: J. Kenner
Publisher: Random House

Release Date: July 2013
ISBN: 9780345545862

Book 3 of The Stark Series
Book Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

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Complete Me

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Book Reviewed by Delta (reviewer)

[ Review Posted: Jul 28, 2017 ] - See all my reviews
3 sexed up stars for COMPLETE ME.

Now that Damien Stark is on trial in Germany for murder, he's determined to keep Nikki Fairchild safe from the chaos surrounding him. But Nikki is having none of it. What started as a modeling job for the billionaire has turned into a deep love between them, and she'll stop at nothing to protect her man. But how can she protect him if he's not telling her the whole truth about…well, anything. His past is bumping up solidly against her present, and Nikki and Damien are powerless to do anything to stop the inevitable crash from happening. Will the couple be able to weather this most recent storm or will all the secrets come between them?

COMPLETE ME is the third (but not final!) book in the Stark Trilogy. In this edition, Damien is facing a murder trial against his childhood tennis coach and once again, Nikki is standing by her man. I did enjoy COMPLETE ME much more than the first two books, though the cheese factor was still prevalent…witness:

The drapes are open, and the window of our fifth-floor suite overlooks the Maximilianstrasse. "That's it," he says. "I want to watch as the sky darkens and the city lights rise behind you. I want to see the sunset reflected on your skin and the glitter of the nightlife shining in your hair."

There's not much worse than insincere-sounding romantic prose. That said, Nikki and Damien have settled into a solid relationship and fight hard for each other. Their mental/sexual needs are nicely compatible (though the obscene amount of sex scenes are overwhelming and I, quite frankly, skimmed through most of them). The underlying threat was decently done, though both Damien and Nikki's reactions seemed way over the top at times. The ending was satisfying, and given that I'm not going to read books 3.5-3.11, it'll have to do.

Bottom Line: No OM/OW or sharing; no condoms; BDSM/kink; discussion of past sexual assault; no violence/murder.
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