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Double Vision
Author: Cassandra Carr
Publisher: Siren Bookstrand

Release Date: September 2012
ISBN: 9781622415656

Book 3 of Buffalo Intimidators
Book Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

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Double Vision

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Book Reviewed by Tiffy (reviewer)

[ Review Posted: Feb 27, 2013 ] - See all my reviews
It's ice hockey time again, YEA! ‘Cause I just love those Buffalo Intimidators! After reading Cold as Ice (Book 2), I wanted to change places with the team massage therapist. But now after finishing DOUBLE VISION (Book 3), I've decided it would be more fun just to be sandwiched between two hunky, hot hockey players!

Fredrik Nieminen is hoping that at 37, he can still come back after a knee injury and play another year. His roommate, Rick Armstrong, is one of the new kids on the team. Rick is also rehabbing a knee injury, but you bounce back easier when you're 23. Liz Langer has been seeing Fredrik for several months and wants to take her relationship with him to the next level. She's also been eyeing Rick as a possible ménage partner.

Liz and Fredrik invite Rick to join them for an erotic romp in the living room one evening. Rick seems to enjoy the threesome, but escapes to his room as soon as it ends. The next morning, it's obvious that Rick is embarrassed to be anywhere near Liz.

I just loved the way Ms. Carr develops Rick's character. He comes from a small town in New Hampshire, where his parents have raised him with a very traditional upbringing. He was brought up with the "bro code" where you don't go after another guy's girl. How could he possibly share his roommate's girlfriend? And worse still, how would he ever explain the situation to his parents! Ms. Carr manages to create quite a drama between a 23 year old's libido and his vision of how life should be. It's sweet, funny, and you can't wait to see which way Rick will jump!

DOUBLE VISION is sexy, funny and you'll never guess the ending in a million years! Can we expand the Buffalo Intimidators roster so that we have several more installments in the series? I'm looking forward to Book 4!
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